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Choose Your Wall Art

Turn your house into a home


Step 1

The first step in our easy selection process is to choose your wall art. These should be your absolute favourite images. The ones that you just can't say no to. These will will wow your friends and family as you welcome them to your home. Unlike many studios, all our wall art comes ready to hang.  There is no need to go to the extra expense of framing your image.   



What size would you like?

Once you have decided which are your favourite images, you need to decide what size you would like.  To keep things nice and simple you only have to decide between 4 different sizes.  The bigger the size the greater the impact the image has. 

  Pick you favourite size to impress!
Pico This is our smallest size for when large sizes are not suitable. 
Standard Our standard size is a convenient size that fits most areas
Large For those who really care about making an impression.
Feature Our most stunning prints.  These are amazing. 


What finish would you like?

Once you have decided what images you want and at what size you then have the option of choosing what finish you would like.  All our wall art is of Museum Archival quality, but some cost a little more to produce. If you are happy with our supper high quality canvas prints then you can move on to the next stage.  If you would like to have your images created as ICE mount acrylic or Metal prints just let us know.  There is an extra charge for this to reflect the increased cost of production. 

Also Available 

We are please to be able to offer dual layer magnetic wall frames.  These modern frames have a white top acrylic layer.  The images are placed into clear blocks which uses a magnetic system to click it into place on the frame. This enables the images to be interchanged as you please. This gives a very contemporary feel and ensures that you never get bored with your artwork. 


Available Sizes
1 up 14" 11" Photo
2 up 7" x 5" Photo
3 up 7" x 5" Photo


By ordering more than one piece of wall art wall art you can start to save. Indeed, the more you order the more you save. 

  • Order a collection of two images of any size and save 10%
  • Order a collection of three images of any size and save 20%
  • Order a collection of four or more images and save 30%