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Your Pudding Head artwork is designed to be seen.  Why hide it away from the world, when you can present it so everyone gets to enjoy it. Your Pudding Head will become a talking point and a real feature of your home. 

We have several different presentations of wall decor to suit your personal taste and circumstances. All are hand made by craftsmen in some of the best photography workshops in the world. Select your preferred finish from our range of Fine Art, Canvas, Ice Mount or Metal. Your prints can be ordered as individual pieces or as part of a collection. 



Pudding Head Framed Fine Art Print

Fine Art Prints from Pudding Head represent museum quality prints that carry the UK Fine Art Trade Guild Certification. Unlike traditional paper which is made from wood pulp, our paper is made from archival cotton rag and is much thicker and has no impurities. You can choose your hand made frame from a range of finishes These prints should last an amazing 75 - 100 years without fading. The frame is individually made to order by craftsmen and you can choose from a range of finishes to suit your taste.  


Matted Desktop Images from $149

These matted images are a great gift idea if you are looking for something to send your friends or family.


Framed Desktop Images from $249

Add a custom frame to your desktop images to make a real impression.


Fine Art Series from $499

These image sets are a great a great way to tell a story and come in a large array of designs.