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The GapThe GapThe gap between the haves and the have not's is increasing, so much so that the underclass almost go unnoticed.



Beautiful Bespoke Wall Art For Your Home or Business

A beautiful piece of photographic wall art is a fantastic way to decorate your home or business, and leave a real impression on your guests. Bare walls look exactly that, bare. Placing our artwork on your walls will make them come alive. We have a great range of images in various sizes. All of which are individually printed for you. When you order a print from us you can be assured you are getting something very special, that of unsurpassed quality. 

Award Winning

Michael is a multi-award winning landscape and travel photographer based in Queensland, Australia. His imagery explores the beauty of light, and how colour and tone can dramatically change our experience of the world around us. As an accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). you can be assured you will receive the very highest quality prints and service.

Quality Counts

When you order one of our beautiful prints, it will be individually printed specifically for you by one of our certified printers. This bespoke service ensures that our customers receive the very highest quality artwork possible. We only use the worlds finest papers and pigments to produce museum grade archival prints that can be expected to last for many generations. Are work is perfect for those that demand the very highest quality.

70 Year Guarantee

We believe that our prints are unbeatable in terms of quality. In fact we are so sure that you will be happy with them that we offer a 70 year guarantee. Can you think of anyone else that will back their product for anywhere approaching that? Indeed the standard guarantee is for only one year. This means that you can be totally assured that your artwork will look fantastic for generations to come.



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