Michael Lees Photography | Posted To Instagram

The images here have all, at one time or another been shared to Instagram.
Instagram is great, but surprisingly not the best place to see view my photography. The images are small, and I often have to crop them to fit within the Instagram format.
Here you can see the images in a larger format and as they were intended to be viewed.
Many of the images are available to purchase. While the images look great on the screen, they look even better in print. If you are looking to decorate the walls of your home or business with custom printed fine art photography, you won't be disappointed. These images also make for a unique gift for someone special in your life.
Joy Ride 1Joy Ride 2Joy Ride 3Joy Ride 4Joy Ride 5Joy Ride 6Joy Ride 7Joy Ride 8Joy Ride 9Joy Ride 10_MG_6235.jpgVictoria Bridge - Brisbane