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Your Pudding Head artwork is designed to be seen.  Why hide it away from the world, when you can present it so everyone gets to enjoy it. Your Pudding Head will become a talking point and a real feature of your home. 

We have several different presentations of wall decor to suit your personal taste and circumstances. All are hand made by craftsmen in some of the best photography workshops in the world. Select your preferred finish from our range of Fine Art, Canvas, Ice Mount or Metal. Your prints can be ordered as individual pieces or as part of a collection. 



Pudding Head Canvas

At Pudding Head we don't use any ordinary canvas. We use a very special museum grade canvas.  Most ordinary canvas will start to fade almost as soon as you have purchased it. Worse still, the frame that they are hung around, will start to warp due to heat and humidity. The cheap Chinese pine that they are generally made from, just isn't designed to last.


Pudding Head canvas prints are different. A quality frame ensures your print won't warp and will look the same in 75 years as it does today. We create each frame using premium, double-profiled Meranti hardwood. The double-beveled profile means your print sits flush against the wall, and the outline of the timber won't show through the front of the canvas.