Michael Lees Photography | Pudding Head Canvas Series


Canvas Series Jardine-10Jardine-10

Multiple Canvas pudding heads presented as one art piece. 

Mini Gallery

​A collection of (7) miniature sized canvas wraps created specifically for a hallway or small room. The mini gallery requires a wall space approximately 140cm x 180cm



A collection of (2) miniature and (1) small canvas wrap created specifically for a small wall, office or bedroom. The Vignette requires a wall space of approximately 80cm x 160cm



A collection of (2) square canvas wraps created to showcase two feature portraits. Requires a wall space of approximately 60cm x 110cm.



A collection of (3) mini square canvas wraps created to showcase three unique looks of our clients. This requires a wall space of approximately 40cm x 100cm.

  • Add any number of canvas prints to any canvas collection at a 10% discount.